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Graduation Threshold

In addition to completing the requirements for graduation credits, you must also complete the course of Professional Technology (Department of Electronic Engineering), Language Expression (General Education Center),

and Social Practice (Office of Student Affairs).

※Applicable to the daytime students enrolled in the school after the 111 academic year (inclusive):

 Updated in Sep., 2022



Professional Technical Abilities

At least one of the following needs to be met (at the time of acquisition is calculated from the start of admission) The student's professional and technical ability indicators in the following items cover the following items related to electronics, electrical machinery, and information:

  • Obtain a Class B technician or professional certificate from a government agency.
  • Obtain a non-governmental organization Class B technician or professional certificate.
  • Present at seminar or journal paper be published.
  • Published articles in relevant professional domestic or international journals.
  • Pass the patent project.
  • Winners of professional competitions in or off campus, it must be excellent works (inclusive) or above awards.
  • Participate in the department's off-campus internship course for 160 hours, participate must engage the whole process and get the required scores or above. 
  • Pass the national exam.
  • Enrolled in a research institute recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Social Practical Abilities

1. Core knowledge of social integration (the following two conditions are required):

  • Participating in soft ability development seminars for 24 hours

  2. Self-practice development (at least one of the following consitions):

  • Completed one semester of professional courses with service-learning connotations 
  • Participating in 12 hours of volunteer service on or off the campus

Cross-disciplinary capacity development

Accumulating the following courses at least 4 credits:

  • According to the school's "Student Course Selection Method", students can take inter-departmental elective courses.
  • According to the school's "Microcredit Course Implementation Measures", students can take interdisciplinary microcredit courses. For interdisciplinary micro-credit courses, the graduation threshold is at most 2 credits.