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The goals and architecture of the two modules

Modified in Acadamic Year 108

Main Field

Research Planning

Related Courses


Computer Science and Information Engineering

  • The employment practice and cross-field integration abilities at the workplace

  • IoT system planning, designing and application capabilitie

  • Embedded prototype system design

  • Capability of VHDL digital system design

  • The practical ability of SOPC embedded system design


 choose 2 from 5 courses

  • Verilog Hardware Description Language For Digital System

  • SOPC Embedded System Design

  • Intergrated Circuits Layout

  • Introduction To Internet Of Things

  • IoT system design and application

  • System Prototype Design Lab.

  • SoCFPGA & OpenCL Lab.

  • IC Design Lab.

  • Embedded System Technology Training & Testing Center


choose 3 from

10 courses

  • SOPC  Embedded Programming

  • Mobile Device Programming

  • The Intelligent Electronics Innovation Application And Development

  • Embedded Network Design

  • ARM Microcontroller System Design

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Python programming and application

  • Dynamic Web Programming

  • Artifitial Intelligence

  • Cloud Computing

Biomedical Electronic Applications
  • The employment practice and cross-field integration abilities at the workplace

  • Planning capabilities for single-chip systems

  • The practical ability of embedded programming

  • Medical equipment manufacturing capability


choose 2 from 5 courses

  • Design Of Bio-Medical Power Management Integrated  Circuits

  • Introduction To Optical Bio-Sensor Design

  • Design And Practice Of  Biomedical  Instrument Control

  • The Practice  Of  Biomedical Signal  Sensing  System

  • Biomedical Embedded  Systems Design

  • Biomedical Electronics Lab.

  • Embedded System Technology Training & Testing Cente

  • Intelligent Electronic Innovation Topics Lab.

  • IC Design Lab.


choose 3 from

10 courses

  • System Design For Arm Microcontroller

  • Mobile Device Programming

  • ARM microprocessor

  • New Medical Technology Introduction

  • Application Projects For Elderly Health Care

  • Biomedical Electronics Clinical Application

  • Digital Signal Processing And Implementation

  • Embedded Network Applications

  • Introduction To Medical Informatics

  • IoT system design and application


Suitable for the type of license and employment category


Course Modules

Core Certificate

Occupation Category

Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • Class B Digital Electronics Technician

  • PCB Design Capability Certification

  • Electronics Engineer

  • Embedded system development engineer

  • Digital circuit engineer

  • PCB Layout engineer

  • Circuit system engineer

  • DIP disign engineer

Biomedical Electronic Applications
  • Single-chip practical and professional certification

  • Digital Electronics Class B Certification

  • Single-chip Class C competency certification

  • Single-chip Class B competency certification

  • PCB Design Capability Certification

  • CCNA certification

  • Multimedia Design and International Certification

  • Hardware R&D Engineer

  • IC Design Engineer

  • IC layout, IC packaging/test engineer

  • SMT engineer

  • PCB layout engineer

  • Test Engineer

  • Firmware Design Engineer

  • Software design engineer

  • Game programmer

  • Web designer

  • Database design engineer

  • Website and Multimedia Program Developer

  • Network management engineer

  • Network Maintenance Engineer

  • Electronic systems engineer

  • EMC/Electronic Safety Engineer

  • System maintenance engineer

  • Product equipment maintenance engineer

  • Business support engineer

  • Customer Service Engineer


Application form: